Riverside innovations

Otterburcht is an innovation hub where we want to create sustainable growth and innovation opportunities. We bring together technology and biology. To strengthen this, we provide office space, lab space and production space in our beautiful bright building. We welcome start-ups, tech and service providers and companies to further develop, collaborate and grow innovative solutions. Otterburcht is the breeding ground for a new, sustainable future.

New solutions for old ideas.

From electric metering stations to energy storage and stress-resistant aquaculture systems. Otterburcht wants to be the convergence of multiple solutions. Innovation that stems from the same vision of sustainable green development.

With Otterburcht, we want to combine old and new, raw and refined, fresh enthusiasm and wise experience. The building materials of the old building have been reused to create an island of green along the Scheldt in the middle of an industrial area.

Our History

In 2010 partners Jan D'hont, Tom van Nevel and Frédéric Beaumont took over AAtechnics. (Formerly A&A electrics) AAtechnics was first located in Braine-le-Chateau and then in Lokeren. Due to the rapid growth of the company they were looking for a new location. In the search for that new location, they came across an old run-down building in August 2018. The building however had a lot of potential in terms of architecture and light. After a complete renovation, they moved to this beautiful site on the Scheldt in July 2022. To grow, they wanted to bring together innovative companies that primarily focus on technology or biology. Cross-fertilization creates opportunities. Opportunities to grow as a company and as a person within a community. This is how the Otterburcht site was born.

The construction progress